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It has been discovered that Channel 19 News Anchor was fired when she became pregnant with Lebron's Baby. Sharon is living in Miami and not working. It is believed that King James is paying the bills. Yes in deed that Catholic Education really paid off. Hail the King of Ignorance!
Sharon has a history of being a Gold Digger. She previously stalked Micheal Vick. Way to go Sharon. The Royal Hineass King James proves once again that he is a dumb ass in all other aspects of life.
"Da but I can play basketball" Yes Sir: Lebron knows how to put it in the hole. Hail the Idiot King! Read About It: 
Passenger: You need to get over it.
Cleveland Tommy: How can I get over it when people like you won't stop talking about it. Every week someone still asks me how Cleveland feels about Lebron! This page is here to answer that question. When they stop asking I'll gladly delete it.
Lecon James News
Your Royal Quitness
Let's get one thing straight right now...
If you are not from Cleveland - You don't know the whole story. People think we are just upset because of the way Lebron left with the televised "Decision". That my friends is just the tip of the ice burg. He has an excuse for being a punk. Lebron was raised by an alcoholic mother and no father. His mom taught him to be a punk. No one was around to teach him other wise. No guiding force in his life. It is a well know fact Lebron and his friends who are his agents are all punks and jerks. Just ask anyone who has seen these buffoons on planes or out in public.
In game 5 of the playoffs against Boston the Cavs lost at home by 32 points.
I never experienced a more confusing and hate filled night in the city I love.
This is the night that defines Lebron James in this city.
Lebron QUIT PLAYING had numerous turnovers and for all intent and purposes threw the game. Cleveland Fans Hate Quitters! In game 6 when the game was close Lebron dribbles the ball off the heel of his shoe and gives Boston an easy layup. Forget all the slam drunks...this is the play etched in my mind for life.
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Lebron James What Should I do?
Quitness / LeCon James / Lyin King
Lebron can go South - Mom is riding West
Leparty James
I'm going to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat!
In other words: I'm going to party and oh yea play ball too.
Micheal Jordon
I would never even think about playing with Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. I wanted to beat them!
Party Animal
The night before game 2 against the Boston Celtics Lebobo and his teammates partied until 5 A.M. They celebrated Lecon's MVP Award. The party started at Club Lust in Akron an ended up at X/O on W. 6th St. Ledrunk James led the party. Way to blow game 2.
A fight between Lebron James and Delonte West in the locker room before game 5 with the Boston Celtics.
Lebron told Coach Mike Brown not to let Delonte West play because he found out he was banging his mother!
Lebron slept with Delonte's girl friend first so West decided to get even.
Delonte West suits up and Lebron James quits playing!
The Sun will still rise in Cleveland!
Thank you Dan Gilbert for having the guts to tell it like it is! Lebobo is an ungrateful, spineless, coward with the emotional maturity of a 13 year old just like his mother!
Taking down the Lecon James Poster. Throw it in the garbage. We know big names flee Cleveland. We are angry about the way he left. He never said good-bye to the owner or fans!