Rides to Cleveland Clinic - V. I. P. Express Cleveland Taxi Cab Company
Tour the Christmas Story House for $10.
Open year round - stop in the gift shop.
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Steve Proudly displays the Red Rider BB Gun
Christmas Story House - Museum - Gift Shop
Open year round / Relive your childhood! 
I take many people here and they love it!
The Tour is worth it!  It's an acquired taste!
3159 West 11th 44109 just south of Clark Ave.
Members of Turn & Cough  -  #1 Cover Band
The House from the Christmas Story is located on West 11th south of Clark. A gift Shop is across the street. It closes at 5 P.M. This leg lamp is at my Mom's house where my Christmas stories took place...
The elf that yells: Come on! Lives in Cleveland.
She signs autographs during Christmas at the house.